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Course description

Acupuncture is a treatment method which by means of a precise and delicate stimulation to certain areas of skin known as acupuncture points influences bodily functions. In recent years, the method has been thoroughly researched and proved to be both effective and safe. What is more, molecular basis of acupuncture has been discovered. Having stated that we have to bear in mind that acupuncture stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a logical and coherent system and has been developed for at least two thousand and a half years. To implement acupuncture in your practice you must be familiar with this system.

Therefore, AcuArt cordially invites you to take part in a two-year course of acupuncture based on classical Chinese works and contemporary practice. Our teaching programme is born of decades of experience in education. It is based on the World Health Organisation, Polish and international associations’ guidelines concerning acupuncture education.

The course syllabus is designed to guide our students, step by step, from understanding Chinese medicine principles, through understanding of physiology and pathology as well as diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, to a practical implementation of knowledge during direct contact with real patients. Our course helps to understand and know theories describing the mechanisms of our world, which are used in Chinese culture, such as Qi, Yin Yang, theory of Five Elements and theory of Six Divisions among others. The focus on hands-on experience allows our students to gain confidence in the diagnosis and processing of information from its different aspects. Our course offers a possibility of understanding and experiencing of Five Elements in the surrounding world, both in you and other people. What is the most important, after completing of our course, the students become independent acupuncturists, who will have successful careers and will be able to help people all over the world.


Course benefits

  • You will be familiar with mechanisms governing physiology and pathology based on Chinese medicine principles
  • You will be able to diagnose your patients (based on history, pulse, tongue, face reading,)
  • You will be able to set therapy goals and to make a plan of therapy
  • You will know the locations and functions of acupuncture points based on an original, an international research program “Straight to the point”
  • You will have a chance to take part in further advanced trainings, especially in the course of “stems and branches” acupuncture by Rani Ayal. This training is available in our centre.
  • All of our lecturers are successful practitioners
  • All of our readers speak Polish, which allows saving 50% of time compared with other courses
  • Internship and practice on the premises– a close colaboration with the centre of natural therapies Orkiszowe Pola
  • MEN certificate of qualifications


Zjazd I 21-22 kwietnia 2018
Wstęp i podstawowe pojęcia Medycyny Chińskiej (Qi, Yin/Yang, 5 Przemian)

Zjazd II 12-13 maja 2018
Substancje ciała – definicje, tworzenie, patologie. Koncepcja i Organizacja SanJiao, podstawy dietetyki

Zjazd III 16-17 czerwca 2018
Trójwymiarowy system kanałów, rodzaje i zastosowanie punktów akupunkturowych. Ćwiczenia

Zjazd IV 7-8 lipca 2018
8 Zasad. Patogeny zewnętrzne (czynniki klimatyczne) oraz wewnętrzne (emocje)

Zjazd V 18-19 sierpnia 2018
Przemiana Ziemi – fizjologia, przebieg kanałów i działanie punktów, patologia. Diagnoza z pulsu – cz. 1

Zjazd VI 22-13 września 2018
Przemiana Drzewa – fizjologia, przebieg kanałów i działanie punktów, patologia. Diagnoza z języka – cz. 1

Zjazd VII 20-21 października 2018
Przemiana Metalu – fizjologia, przebieg kanałów i działanie punktów, patologia. Diagnoza z pulsu – cz. 2

Zjazd VIII 17-18 listopada 2018
Przemiana Wody – fizjologia, przebieg kanałów i działanie punktów, patologia. Diagnoza z języka – cz. 2

Zjazd IX 15-16 grudnia 2018
Przemiana Ognia – fizjologia, przebieg kanałów i działanie punktów, patologia. Diagnoza z pulsu – ćwiczenia


The full course consists of 24 meetings/15 hours each.

The course starts on April 21, 2018

The course takes place inKatowice, Jordana 18

Language of instruction: Polish

The cost of the course: 700 PLN/ month