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Student clinic





Course description

The only way to master acupuncture is to learn it through practice; however, it is impossible to learn and gain experience of the whole therapeutic process basing on one meeting with a patient.
Therefore, we decided to introduce an innovative programme, namely a student clinic. The group of two or three students will work together, supervised by experienced acupuncturists. Such a team will diagnose patients, design therapeutic strategies and undertake procedures during the span of eight weeks. Thanks to this unique experience, our students will witness the process of treatment and will be able to comment and mull over plausible mistakes. And what is equally important they will encounter and observe any changes in their patients.
Each student will be responsible for invitation of 2-3 patients.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Bartosz Chmielnicki directly –

Benefits of participation

  • You will closely observe a therapeutic process
  • You will have a chance to diagnose, prepare treatment strategies and perform procedures on a group of patients
  • Practical exercises of locating points and different puncturing techniques
  • You will have a chance to start practice under the supervision of an experienced acupuncturist, AcuArt teacher
  • Group work – possibility to discuss patients with Colleagues
  • Feedback concerning adavantages and disadvantages of implemented decisions


The full course consists of 8 weeks of classes

The course starts on February, 2018

The course takes place inKatowice

Language of instruction: Polish

Cost for patients: 50 PLN/a visit

Cost for Students: 300 PLN/a day