Be Acuart- pulse based diagnosis

Workshops with Joan Duveen





Course description

Pulse based diagnosis is fundamental in classical schools of acupuncture. On the most basic level, pulse diagnosis seems to be very easy; however, when one progresses, it turns out that this art is far more complex and there are hidden levels of knowledge concerning the state of patients and their history.
Among different contemporary schools of acupuncture, the Stems and Branches school is especially concerned with the pulse examination. Joan Duveen, a direct inheritor of the founder of the School Dr Dick Van Buren, has enormous experience in pulse diagnosis, and he is an extraordinary teacher of this method.

Course benefits

  • Deeper understanding of pulse diagnosis
  • Deeper understanding of physiology and pathology of patients
  • Feedback from Joan Duveen – one the best acupuncturists in the world
  • You will have a chance to take part in discussions on diagnosis and proposed treatment strategies


The workshops are aimed at advanced acupuncturist, especially those who finished the second-level course of Acupuncture Acuart

The date will be determined later.

The course takes place in Katowice, Jordana 18

Instruction language: English, and the workshop will not be translated into Polish.

The cost of the course will be announced at a later date