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The second level – Steams and Banches




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Course description

The second level of education in Acuart allows our students to continue education in a very effective method of acupuncture based on the Stems and Branches system. This system stems from ancient China, and was further developed in Vietnam and Korea. Acuart follows a direct line of transmission of this knowledge in the Western Europe, which was initiated by Doctor Dick Van Buren. Thanks to the knowledge and skills developed through this system, it is possible to both make a very precise diagnosis (cause of illness), effective treatment of a patient’s disease, but also enable practitioners to balance man constitution and prevent diseases in a future.

Our teacher, Rani Ayal, is a student Joan Duveen, and he follows the footprints of this school of acupuncture. Thanks to twenty-five years in acupuncture practice, he developed his knowledge. Instruction language of the course is English, but the course will be translated into Polish.

The goal of the course is to extend knowledge of classical Chinese philosophy and medicine and understand and master the acupuncture system based on analysis of basic tendencies in order to create certain patterns of dysfunction by patients. It helps to logically recreate pathological process and treat underlying causes of pathology. What is more, it allows to adjust prophylactic strategies.
Our course consists of a number of hands-on exercises in diagnosis, adjusting of therapeutic strategies and puncturing techniques.


Course benefits

  • You will understand acupuncture system based on Stems and Branches
  • You will understand the causes of disease in patients and reconstruct pathological processes
  • You will improve diagnostic skills, especially pulse based diagnosis
  • A number of practical exercises, including contact with real patients
  • Our teacher Rani Ayaly is a student of Dr Van Buren. He has been both teaching and practicing acupuncture for 25 years.
  • Our classes will be translated to Polish


Schedule 2020/21 - NEW!

The courses are held in the following dates: part 1 – 24-26 January 2020, part 2 – 29-31 May 2020, part 3 – 2-4 October 2020, part 4 – 29-31 January 2021, part 5 – 16-18 April 2021, part 6 – 25-27 June 2021, part 7 – 1-3 October 2021

Schedule 2018

The courses are held in the following dates: part 1 23-25 February 2018, part 2 25-27 May 2018, part 3 26-28 October 2018


The full course consists of seven meetings (Friday-Sunday) 23 hours each.

The course takes place in Katowice, Klonowa 35C

Language of instruction: English, translated into Polish

The cost of the course 350 Euro/meeting, paid in PLN according to current exchange rate.