Acupuncture in pediatrics

Specialistic course




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Course description


Children are, without any doubt, one of the most charming groups of the patients. Against all appearances, children don’t have to be affraid of acupuncture. Accurately diagnosed and provided patients can usually get better fast, using their great regeverative abilities.

To provide course of acupuncture in pediatrics we were able to invite two extremely experienced acupuncturists, who are additionally great teachers: Rani Ayal and Assaf Mor. Both decided to share with us their knowledge about diagnostic and treatment of children, putting emphasis on practical aspects of dealing with small patients.

Course benefits

  • Gaining the knowledge about physiology and the most common pathological states in children,
  • get the skills of diagnosing and treating children,
  • learning acupuncture, Shonisgin, moxibustion,
  • many practical excercises, including checking the pulse and excercises with real patients,
  • ability to use the knowlegde and experience of the best diagnosticians and therapists in the world.

Dates and shedule of the course

1st meeting: 12-14 June 2020 (change of course date)
Pediatrics in TMC, development of children, diagnostic methods, practicing of pulse checking and diagnosing from observation

2nd meeting: 11-13 September 2020
Gastrointestinal system diseases
Treatment methods: acupuncture, Shonishin, moxibustion

3rd meeting: 27-29 November 2020
Respiratory system diseases
Supporting the immune system and treatment of infections

4th meeting: 12-14 March 2021
Treatment of Shen
Anxiety and emotions, insomnia, ADHD, tics and Tourette’s syndrome, autism

5th meeting: date for the meeting has not yet been set
Practical workshop in clinic



Full course consists of five meetings

The nearest convention is 12 to 14 June 2020

The course takes place in Katowice, ul Klonowa 35 C, 40-168 Katowice

Language of instruction: English, translated into Polish

Price: 1600 Euro, or or equivalent in PLN based on the average course from NBP (National Polish Bank) on the day of payment.

Price of single meeting: 430 Euro or equivalent in PLN based on the average course from NBP (National Polish Bank) on the day of payment.

The number of places is limited and for organisational reasons enrolling dor the entire course will have priority.