BaZi analysis

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Course registration: aku@barbarawypart.pl

Course description

Bazi is a method of analysis of human potential based on the Chinese concept of time and observation of cyclical changes occurring during days months and years. It allows us to understand who we are, evaluate our strengths and weaknesses; moreover, thanks to this, we can get to know and understand other people in a better way.
Basic BaZi knowledge is useful for everyone working with people, therapists, trainer, and coach, but also it is beneficial to their patients and customers.

By showing our strengths and weaknesses, BaZi helps to make difficult decisions and supports us on our way to success. The method is widespread in China as it is used to take decisions, and companies apply it in their HR departments during the process of recruitment of key employees.

The aim of the course is to introduce basic BaZi notions and principles, in a way that our students will be able to conduct a simple, yet accurate BaZi analysis and formulate correct recommendations.


Course benefits

  • You will know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, potential dangers
  • You will understand the Fareast concepts of time and rhythm of changes occurring in ourselves and the world
  • You will understand basic principles of Five Elements and/or enrich your knowledge
  • You will be able to prepare analyses of so-called birth diagrams
  • The lectures will be conducted by Barbara Wypart, a well-known and popular acupuncturist, who has been working with BaZi for years.


The full course consists of 15 hours classes.

A date for the meeting has not yet been set

Online course

Language of instruction: Polish

Cost of the training: 970 PLN/ a meeting (15 hours of classes)

When you enroll for both the first and second level the cost is 1650 PLN.