BaZi analysis

The second level





Course description

The course is aimed to supplement and develop information discussed at the first-level course. The presented data concern connections between each part of BaZi birth diagram and influence of time on the diagram. The students learn algorithms, which enables them to perform deep analysis of human character and answer the most frequent questions asked by their customers or patients, which may be connected with personal relationships, career, finances and health. Throughout the course advanced techniques helpful in achieving more precise analysis and personalizing them according to the needs of patients, are introduced.
The main aim of the course is to consolidate and broaden students’ knowledge from the previous course. Moreover, the goal of the course is to teach more advanced techniques of analysis and presentation of specific algorithms in order to meet the demands of people interested in baZi consultation. All the methods are discussed on real-life examples. Students may discuss the example from their own practice.

Course benefits

  • Deeper understanding of ourselves and other people
  • You will understand human behaviour patterns
  • We will help you to discover the most beneficial career path
  • Deeper understanding of relation of Five Elements
  • Detailed analysis of various aspects of human life


The full course consists of 15 hours of classes

The course runs from 18 to 19 April 2020

The course takes place in Katowice, Jordana 18

Language of instruction: Polish

The cost is 970 PLN per meeting consisting of 15 hours.

When you enroll for both the first and second level the cost is 1650 PLN.