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MD Bartosz Chmielnicki
Bartosz Chmielnicki

Doctor Chmielnicki is a distinguished and popular teacher, who enthusiastically shares his enormous knowledge with his students. Chmielnicki’s lectures are very dynamic, and he does everything he could to help his students to understand discussed issues. He is one of the most famous both lecturers and practitioners of acupuncture, as he is the only Pole regularly invited to talk about acupuncture at conferences all over Europe and World. His interests in acupuncture dates back to 2004, when during the medical studies, he completed an acupuncture training for doctors in Warsaw and course on Chinese Medicine. In 2009, he established a centre of natural therapies, Compleo, which later became known also as an educational facility. His students are nowadays regarded as crème de la crème of Polish acupuncturists.

Since the very beginning, Doctor Chmielnicki has been focusing on making his educational practice clear and easy to understand for his students. He is an author of a number of books and educational posters. He has published his papers in a substantial number of leading journals and periodicals (German, Polish, American). His creativity and ideas are cherished all over the world, thanks to his initiative a number of international research projects have been funded: eg, Evidence Based Acupuncture, and Gates of Life, known in Poland as Straight to the Point.

He also organised visits in Poland of world’s leading acupuncture teachers such as dr Yair Maimon, Rani Ayal, Joan Duveen, Hamid Montakab, Debra Betts, among many others.

In his free time, he loves travelling with his family, sailing and reading books. His overriding dream is to master the art of BaZi.

O.M.D Ph.D. Lic.Ac Yair Maion
Yair Maion

Doctor Yair is world-famous acupuncturists and lecturer, who founded the biggest school of Chinese Medicine in Israel. Presently, he is the head of Research Centre in the Institute of Oncology of Sheba Hospital. He has been both teaching and practicing acupuncture for more than 30 years, inspiring and sharing knowledge with generations of acupuncturists in the United States, Europe and Israel.

Besides his research and educational endeavours, he is the owner of a big, successful clinic of Chinese medicine in Tel Aviv. Doctor Maimon is fully dedicated to his patients and wants to help them in their suffering; this is the attitude that he wants his students to adopt. One cannot ignore his passion and unique diagnostic skills, which he passionately shares with his students. His lectures are extremely inspiring, and his students are thankful to have their eyes opened, which helps them to understand human suffering.
Yair is a passionate traveler, who likes to discover new places. He is also a keen sailor and painter.

Rani Ayal
Rani Ayal

Rani Ayal has been practicing acupuncture for more than 25 years and is one of the most famous acupuncturists in the world. He is an extremely prolific therapist, who attracts to his clinic patients from all over the world. He started his studies in the Fareast medicine in Japan, and continued it in Israel, where he met with Joan Duveen, who shared with Rani his knowledge of Stems and Branch acupuncture. Rani has strived to master and broaden his skills and knowledge of Chinese medicine ever since.

Not only is Rani Ayal an outstanding practitioner, but also a distinguished teacher, who is esteemed and adored all over the world. Thanks to the accuracy of his teachings, he is a perfect guide to the world of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, clearly presenting its coherence and logic. His classes and lectures have been a source of inspiration and knowledge for acupuncture specialists also in Poland, where he has been teaching since 2010.

MD-PhD Aleksandra Binka-Kowalska

Doctor Aleksandra Binka-Kowlaska is a physician, a specialist in medical genetics, acupuncturist and practitioner of the contemplative psychology. During her doctoral studies, she became an academic teacher, popular among her students, thanks to a serene atmosphere during the classes, which helped them to understand even the most complicated issues. In her work, she follows a humanistic approach, concentrating on a human being as a whole, not only on disease syndromes. Her full of acceptance, clever presence supported patients first in genetic clinic, Fertlity Clinic Novum, and since 2013 in her own practice.

Doctor Binka-Kowalska has practiced acupuncture in her own practice since 2013, when she completed the basic training in Compleo and other specialist courses. Her main teacher is Rani Ayal, who helps her to study acupuncture of Heaven and Earth. Beside her acupuncture practice, she is also a coach of Karuna – contemplative psychology based on sympathy, which helps to treat her patient holistically, with a special focus on their emotions.

She has been meditating Shambala for nine years.

Joan Duveen

Joan Duveen is a physiotherapist. He started studies of Chinese medicine in 1975. In 1982, he completed the training in the Dutch Association of Acupuncture, in 1986, he graduated from an undergraduate programme in the ICOM International College of Oriental Medicine) in The Netherlands and in 1991, he received his master degree from ICOM. For sixteen years, he was a member ICOM community in England, as he was a reader in Chinese Medicine for advanced students of third and fourth year. He is a co-founder of the PaKua Study Centre, which organizes postgraduate courses in the philosophy of Chinese Medicine.

Joan is an inheritor of Stems and Branches acupuncture system, which he mastered during his long cooperation with a propagator of this school in Europe, Dr Dick Van Buren. Joan helped to elaborate and codify this system, creating a logical and self-explanatory system.

Owing to his profound clinical and educational experience, his lectures are exceptionally popular among students from all continents. Joan is an extremely talented teacher, who thanks to his knowledge guides his students through the depths of Chinese medicine and philosophy. Because of an ever growing interest in and popularity of Stems and Branches acupuncture in Poland he decided to help develop this method in our country.

MA Barbara Wypart

Barbara Wypart is an experienced and popular teacher and also an outstanding acupuncturist. Her lectures are characterized by accuracy and elegance. She is a trained pharmaceutist. Since the 1990s, she has been learning and practicing Tai Chi. She is the founder of one of the biggest Tai Chi schools in Silesia, where she is also a teacher. In 2009, when she needed acupuncture herself, she visited the office of Doctor Chmielnicki.

Since that moment, her life has been connected with Chinese Medicine. She has run her own acupuncture practice since 2010, when she completed her basic training in Compleo. What is more, recently she has been studying Chinese concepts of time by practicing acupuncture of Stems and Branches, BaZi and ZeRi. She is a very good teacher, who enthusiastically shares her knowledge during courses of Bazi, Tai Chi and dietary.
She loves traveling, and is a keen diver, especially in tropical waters.

MD Katarzyna Rajter-Grabowska

Doctor Rajter-Grabowska is an outstanding physician, a very experienced specialist in internal medicine and a general practitioner. Since the beginning of her career, she utilizes a holistic approach, focusing on her patients’ lifestyle, emotions and diet, instead of solely focusing on their ailments. She has been interested in Chinese medicine since 2005, as it advocates a holistic approach, she was looking for. She is also inspired by the works of Dr Marc Peignier, who created an approach known as the functional medicine.

Those various approaches help Dr Grabowska to adjust the optimal diagnostic and treatment methods for her patients, which leads to long queues of patients. In her everyday practice, she tries to explain her patients basic principles of physiology and pathology. She devotedly promotes a healthy lifestyle by organizing workshops for parents and children with special needs schools and taking part in healthy lifestyle festivals. She taught a module during the course of prophylactic medicine for physicians, and now she has decided to become part of our community and teach our Students. During her classes, she radiates with an enormous enthusiasm which is contagious.

In her free time, she loves to spend time taking care of her garden and hiking. She is also a keen photographer.

dr. n. med. Małgorzata Stembalska

Doctor Małgorzata Stembalska is an outstanding physician, who is respected and popular among her patients and colleagues. She is a very open person and offers a multidirectional approach to her patients. She is a trained pediatric surgeon and a specialist in medical rehabilitation and has been helping patients from Wrocław, and whereabouts, for a long time.

For a long time, she has been interested in acupuncture, as an effective method of treatment. She met Ddr Chielnicki during her postgraduate studies in Pain Medicine at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, when her adventure with acupuncture started. Upon completing the basic-level training in Compleo, she started her acupuncture practice. She constantly tries to develop her knowledge and skills.

She passionately strives to connect achievements of western and Chinese medicine. Thanks to her professionalism, she was offered a chance to prepare a course of basic neurology on the basic-level training, which gained rave reviews from our students.

In her free time, she sails all over the world, reads books, and goes to concerts and art exhibitions.

MA Izabela Miętka

Izabela Miętka is an extremely warm and respectful person, who helps people reach happiness and harmony. She is a well-known and popular acupuncturist, as the fruits of her work, children of parents struggling with infertility, are running happily. She has been devoted to helping ill people for a long time. She completed the course of Chinese Medicine in 2013, and in 2012, she was on an internship in Nepal.

Since that moment, she has owned a very popular practice of Chinese Medicine. She takes part in education events connected with fertility by organizing lectures, trainings and workshops for midwives.

The unique combination of a smile and profound knowledge makes her extremely popular among students.

She spends her free time outside and with her family.

MA Bożena Olszowska

Bożena Olszowska is a great and experienced teacher. She is a biologist, but she has taught and practiced Tai Chi and Qi Gongu for a long time. She has been working as qualified natural therapists since 2007; she constantly tries to develop herself by taking part in numerous trainings, such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine. She also took part in a basic-level course in Compleo.

She works as a lecturer and teaches Chinese dietetics, diagnosis and acupressure. She has been cooperating with Compleo since 2014, and her lectures are very popular. Students value her methods of teachings and her experience.