Bartosz Chmielnicki is a physician, scholarship fellow of Oxford University, an experienced acupuncturist, popular and respected teacher and also a founder of Acuart. He has run his own acupuncture practice for more than nine years. He has taught acupuncture in Poland, Czechia, Germany, Great Britain and Israel.

He is well known as the author of unique didactic materials, which helps students from Europe. He wrote a book on twenty basic eight pulses known in Chinese Medicine, which was translated into German and English. Doctor Chmielnicki regularly publishes in leading journals in Poland, United States and Germany. He is the founder of the research project Gates of Life, in which cooperated with Rani Ayal and Yair Maimon. He also started a project known Evidence Based Acupuncture, which is the most comprehensive database, collecting texts on mechanisms and safety of acupuncture. He is a co-author of the Acuart teaching programme and is responsible for everyday supervision of classes.

O.M.D Ph.D. Lic.Ac

O.M.D Ph.D. Lic.Ac

Yair Maimon




Yair Maion is a famous acupuncturist and lecturer, founder of the biggest Israeli school of Chinese Medicine, and the head of Research Centre in the Institute of Oncology of Sheba Hospital.

His lectures are extremely popular in Europe, the United States and China. He combines a profound knowledge of both Chinese and academic medicine, which allows him to publish the results of his research projects in the world-leading journals and periodicals. He has been cooperating in numerous research programmes with Bartosz Chmielnicki since 2011. The most important of their projects is the Gates of Life. Yair Maion is responsible for the finest quality of our teaching programmes and regular supervision of our classes.

Rani Ayal




Rani Ayal is one of the best acupuncturist in the world, thanks for the outstanding results of his therapy. His clinic attracts people from all over the world. He is also a great teacher, who willingly shares his knowledge and skills with students in Europe, Canada and Israel.

In 2001, he, together with Bartosz Chmielnicki, introduced to Poland a very effective system of acupuncture, Stems and Branches. He is also a co-author of a revolutionary project of Gates of Life. As one of the brains behind the idea of establishing Acuart, he is responsible for quality of diagnosis classes, especially pulse diagnosis. He also actively cooperates in designing teaching programmes and also teaches a course on Stems and Branches system.

dr n. med.

dr n. med.

Aleksandra Binka–Kowalska


Doctor Aleksandra Binka-Kowalska is a physician and acupuncturists who uses Stems and Branches acupuncture in her everyday practice. She has been treating with acupuncture patients struggling with infertility.

She is a co-author of Acuart training programmes and teaches a course on psycho-emotional aspects of Chinese medicine and acupuncture.