Shen Acupunture






Course description

The original course of Shen acupuncture designed by Dr Yaira Maimon guides the students through different stages of Shen treatment and helps them to understand the diagnosis and treatment of both psycho-emotional conditions and difficult to treat diseases such as chronic and autoimmulogical diseases. The focus will be on acupuncture transformation methods used at the clinic. The most complex and frequent issues encountered in therapeutic offices in which the suffering is not only physical but also emotional will be discussed:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety disorders and phobias
  • Chronic diseases
  • Auto immunological diseases
  • Oncological diseases

One of the main characteristics of Chinese medicine is a deep understanding of the unity of body and mind, which is orchestrated by heart and Shen. Therefore, all complicated conditions stem from different aspects of Shen. Moreover, the treatment of Shen conditions, such as traumas, especially those experienced in childhood, is the key to the power of acupuncture.


Course benefits

  • You will understand ancient point combinations such as aggressive Energy XieQi treatment
  • You will know the techniques of the use of certain groups of acupuncture points, such as Heaven’s Gate point, or thirteen, so called, ghost points described by SunSiMiao
  • You will learn the technique of one needle – use of a patient-specific point, which leads quick and effective transformation
  • Discussion of basic principles of QiJingBaMai’s works- Eight Extraordinary Channels
  • You will improve your skills of pulse, and tongue based diagnosis
  • Understanding of contemporary Chinese treatment of trauma
  • You will learn how to establish more effective diagnosis of your patient’s constitution, their strengths and weaknesses
  • You will understand the role of Shen-Hun and Po aspects, as well as, emotions in depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders and panic attacks
  • A number of case studies and live diagnoses and adjustment of treatment strategies


The full course consists of three meetings (Friday-Sunday) 23 hours each.

The courses will take place on the following dates: part 1 26-28 January 2018, part 2 1-3 June 2018, part 3 9-11 November 2018

The course takes place in Katowice, Klonowa 35 c

Language of instruction: English, translated into Polish

The cost of the course 350 Euro/meeting, paid in PLN according to current exchange rate.