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Course description

The knowledge of accurate location of each of 361 acupuncture points and how those points exactly work is crucial in an effective clinical practice. Unfortunately, the task of understanding and remembering of all the points is by no means easy. To make things even more complicated, the western languages are very often not adequate to convey the complexity multi-level metaphors, which are crucial in Asian languages. Moreover, following the modern trend of integrating traditional Chinese medicine with academic medicine, contemporary authors focus on composing long lists of diseases that may be treated using specific acupuncture points.

It leads to two serious consequences:

  • Acupuncturists are not able to remember all the recommendations, so they focus on one or several points, which they regard as “the most important”
  • The effect of point is disturbed; it is no longer precise.

Such an approach leads to the fact that modern acupuncturists use a set of a dozen or so of points, which are repeatedly used in a treatment of different patients to no avail. In contrast to independent points, ancient Chinese physicians treated human body as a colourful, fascinating and lively painting, in which every single element has its place in a logically developing story.
Therefore, Acuart offers an innovative approach to teaching of the principles of acupuncture points based upon a research project of Bartosz Chmielnicki, Yaira Maimon and Raniego Ayal „Gates of Life”, which in Poland is known as “Straight to the point.” to the point”. The project consists of three phases:

  • Analysis of acupuncture points and their connotations with Chinese culture
  • Determination of clinical value of the collected data
  • Re-coding of the data in images that will be easy to understand for people from the Western hemisphere.

The illustrations, prepared by Martyna Janik are key and unique to the project. They help to convey the meaning hidden in Chinese signs, by means of the same graphical channel of communication, not text. At the end of the course, not only will students understand principles of every single acupuncture point, their clinical implementation and logic of creating of ancient points combinations, but also, thanks to the illustration, will easily memorize information and implement it in their everyday practice.


Course benefits

  • You will learn the meaning of names of acupuncture points and its clinical implementation
  • Deep understanding of acupuncture points
  • You will appreciate the logic of points combinations described in classical works
  • Unique notes with drawings created for an international project “Gates of Life,” which help to understand the quality and function of every single point
  • The course is taught by Bartosz Chmielnicki, who is a distinguished acupuncturist and teacher, founder of Acuart, facilitator of an international research project “Gates of Life”


Full course consists of four meetings (Friday-Sunday) 23 hours each.

The nearest convention is 13th to 15th April 2018

The course takes place in Hotel Diament Spodek Katowice, Korfantego avenue 35, 40-005 Katowice

Language of instruction: Polish

The cost 1000 PLN/a meeting