The art of observation

Workshop with Rani Ayal




Course description

Diagnosis in TCM is based on four pillars, which should give a coherent picture. However since the first moment of the contact with the patient, the crucial skill is the attentive observation. It is the skill which we can and should practice, because it enables us to recognize a person, to adjust the style of communication to her/his basic characteristics, and so it increases trust and it’s a key to the right diagnosis.

Each person expresses her/himself on many levels. Skillfull observation of appearance, behaviour, outfit, the way of moving or speaking gives a therapist profound knowledge and enables to understand a patient.

The lecturer Rani Ayal, is one of the best diagnostician in the world, using his extraordinary skills of observation in his daily practice. Having more than thirty years of experience, he happily shares his knowledge and is a valued worldwide Teacher.

Course benefits
  • gaining knowledge and skills which enable to make diagnosis based on body, appearance, face, movements, behaviour of patients,
  • improvement of communication and interpersonal competences through assimilating basis characteristic of a person based on her/his appearance,
  • confirmation and completing of diagnostic skills based on interview and pulse,
  • intense workshops and many practical excercises,
  • the chance to learn from one of the best diagnostician in the world.

Course starting date 29th November – 1st December 2019

The course takes place in Katowice, Klonowa 41

Language of instruction: English, translated into Polish

Price 350 Euro or equivalent in PLN based on the average course from NBP (National Polish Bank) on the day of payment.